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ISV Software Development

ISV Software Development

The team at AIAUST, are ISV Developer, we develop systems that are designed to enhance your current autonomous systems no matter the location, more importantly rapidly, while following a solid development process and project management ethos.

AIAUST has had industries optimise their business processes, through custom software application solutions.

We have a well-coordinated team of professionals, to assist our customers regardless of their operation vertical, geo location and organizational requirements. We identify and address the requirement of your organisation no matter its size, whether you are a new organisation or an existing enterprise.

Project success for the team at AIAUST, is driven by the understanding of our clients systems and processes in order to captcha detailed information and apply it to any business processes and development practices.

Our knowledge has been gained by being hands on and integrating with your teams to managing and supporting complex enterprise development, integration and training.

The key piece to our development methodology is quiet simple, enhance those systems, to bring them into a fused data realm, by removing complex tasks performed by analyst and the like and developing rich real-time information, through augmented graphical interfaces and rich analytical data between autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, to allow our customers to stream line processes within their unique business environment and digitise work flows and remedial tasks.

For the team at AIAUST, we are look at enhancing current Software systems, that traditionally need to be updated at costs that does not match the financial risk vs ROI; we add value by enhancing your legacy systems that would otherwise have significant costs associated with updated systems.

The cost of this disruption to an organisation can be painful, as well as the financial cost, having the ability to enhance your existing legacy systems is the key and from a cost perspective to enhance your work force.

We work in accordance with co-innovation partners, our team of analysts and developers work with your teams to enhance your value chain to achieve, defined business outcomes and expectations.

We call our system ORCA – Operational Real-Time Command Application.

To learn more, why not contact one of the team at AIAUST, as we say “our success, is your success”.

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