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Services & Consulting


AIAUST provide solutions that address both the operational and financial requirements of our clients. We understand that our clients face varying demands and challenges, so delivering economically viable, high-quality solutions underpins everything we do.

In conjunction with our partners we provide total business integration encompassing many products, provide integration of systems of systems.

  • Unmanned systems and sensors,
  • Sensor integration and development,
  • Sensor and data fusion,
  • Cyber, security solutions (physical, cyber, unmanned detection),
  • Drone detection and counter drone
  • TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures),
  • Credit card skimmer detector
  • Cell phone and Contraband detection,
  • Cell Phone and Blue-Tooth Denial
  • PTC (Positive Train Control),
  • Incident management suite,
  • ORCA C4i and SA Platform,
  • Communications test equipment,
  • Telecommunications, LTE, MIMO/Mesh, UWB, Satellite
  • Worker safety solutions,
  • Real-time reporting,
  • Application development
  • ISR platforms for both Government and Commercial Sectors.
  • Defence Power and Data Management
  • Tactical Imaging Systems
  • Soldier Systems
  • Design and Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Weapons Accessories and Smart Sensors


We provide consulting, compliance and reporting, integration services, project management, service delivery, managed services, software application development, training service and packages, design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and solutions services across the following capabilities to industry verticals:

  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Integration Services
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Physical Cyber Capabilities,
  • Cyber threat management,
  • Cyber compliance,
  • Cyber awareness training,
  • Incident management and response,
  • Visual imagery solutions,
  • Communications fixed and deployable (wireless, LTE, satellite),
  • Cell detection and disruption,
  • EUD (management and security),
  • ISR Intelligence and surveillance,
  • Situational Awareness Software Platform

We integrate and work with any communications platforms allowing full network control from any device, providing real-time solutions to suit client needs as per requirements.