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Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Cyber Enterprise Threat Intelligence Overview

Cyber Capabilities

AIAUST delivers 24x7x365 Dark Web monitoring and notification services utilising powerful search capabilities, human intelligence, and big data to offer actionable threat intelligence to the enterprise. Our comprehensive cyber awareness training platform significantly augments companies’ cyber threat prevention efforts.

Whereas phishing simulations identify risk based on employee behaviour, AIAUST Dark Web Audit identifies employee risk from where it originates; on the Dark Web.

AIAUST offers the insight, products, professional services and partners to support the cybersecurity efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries. Whether you have 25 employees or 250,000, we have the best solution to meet your needs.

AIAUST offers a full suite of workforce security awareness services. Its fully managed, easy to use program combines compliance, training and reinforcement via simulated phishing assessments. Our goal is your goal: to measure and improve employee cybersecurity behaviour. Our security awareness program services provide proven results without additional IT or HR resources.

We offer a fully hosted ready to launch, branded cybersecurity portal with your company logo. Included are interactive training courses, quizzes,and(oncetrainingiscompleted)certificatesofcompletion. Our tool is mobile, friendly, and easy to use.

Cyber Compliance & Reporting

Numerous reports including sent, progress made, click-throughs, training taken and scoring. Reporting meets compliance requirements for SOX/SEC/FINRA/PCI/HIPAA and others.

Cyber Threat Solutions

Dark Web-Workforce Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence application that significantly augments companies’ cyber threat prevention efforts.

Cyberlitica’s Dark Web Security Audit service gives companies enhanced insight into their cyber risk

Searches the Dark Web, Analyzing Hundreds of Million Records, Looking for Your Executives, Employees’ Work Email Addresses and Passwords, Letting You Know the Results so You Can Take Appropriate Action Quickly and Avoid a Cyber Breach.

Our game-changing notification service regularly scans the dark web, letting companies know–within seconds—which employees’ email addresses and/or passwords were breached, so that appropriate action can be quickly taken.

Cyberlitica can drastically reduce, and virtually eliminate, risk for your company… all at a fraction of the cost of a hack and with no infrastructure needed.

Whether you have 25 employees or 250,000, we have the best solution to meet your needs.

Phishing Simulation

Custom design your cyber campaigns to simulate a real-world phishing scam(s).

Selected email is sent to all (or a specific subset) of a company’s employees,
enabling the company to see which employees and what percent of them would have fallen prey, had the simulation been authentic.

Workforce Cybersecurity Awareness- Training and Compliance

Cyberlitica’s revolutionary cyber awareness platform, iPhish, dramatically streamlines the management of governance, risk and compliance. Most important, it provides built-in security and security training for the workforce that most organizations lack.

Cybersecurity Training Portal with Interactive Videos & Quizzes

Fully hosted ready- to- launch, branded cybersecurity portal with your company logo