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Short and Long Range

Night and Day

Unattended Ground Systems (UGS)

Command and Control

Sensors Cooled

IEC Infrared Systems offers a wide variety of imaging solutions from the legacy SRTI, MRTI and LRTI to complex, customized multi-sensor platforms.

Payload/Sensor Options

While visual and thermal imaging sensors (along with GPS) are part of IECs standard sensor packages, a variety of other optional sensors and subsystems are available to help complete any surveillance mission.

Raptor Systems

IECs Raptor Systems are aptly named after birds of prey with exceptionally long-range eyesight. These surveillance platforms are typically configured with long-range EO/IR optics and other co-located sensors such as ground radars and other optic systems.


Along with advanced surveillance systems, IEC has developed an intuitive simple to use middleware, IntrudIR Alert Surveillance hardware is only as good as the command and control middleware.