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Situaltional Awareness Solutions

Situational Awareness

Operational Real-Time Command Applications

Situational Awareness Delivery Platform

Situational awareness at your fingertips. Imagine connecting employees across, all operations on a single dashboard that’s tailored to the viewer’s role, responsibilities, and location.

Situational awareness software brings disparate data streams into a common operational picture for real-time data-driven insights and actionable intelligence.

The Platform integrates enterprise data and services into an application engine capable of creating Situational Awareness for the individual and providing a Common Operational Picture for teams.

Exploiting Your Current IT Infrastructure

Utilizing your current IT investments the Platform ties existing systems subsystems and infrastructure together.

It takes the data you’re already collecting and puts the right data in the right hands so action can be taken right now.

Accurate Data

There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the right data. integrates relevant operational data from the systems you already have in place to drive real results

In The Right Hands

The best decisions are made when the right decision maker is included. Improves efficiency breaking down ineffective workflows and data silos. It delivers data in context of user location job and workflow step.

Real-Time Data Right Now

Offers real-time visibility and can instantly broadcast accurate information across your entire business allowing the right people to take immediate action.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is knowing what is going on around you at any given time.

This knowledge allows you to do your job efficiently safely and decisively.

Achieving Situational Awareness relies on the ability to see analyze and understand the world around you in context to what you are trying to do.This is why the Platform was created.By aggregating your data workflows and communications into a single pane of glass connects the right people to the right data right when they need it.


Coordination is the key to all operations and the Platform offers this out of the box.

All key stakeholders from managers workers and even customers can see the same data and information in context to their role or need.

Whether your solution needs data visualized on a map or within a custom process the Common Operational Picture is a core feature of the Platform. When your data is common communication and collaboration become more seamless and impactful.


The Platform can access information from multiple disparate systems and present it to a user anywhere.

With the proper workflow data can now help users take action – a sales order becomes a delivery task complete with routing a sensor hit becomes a security response in real-time etc. By combining raw data from legacy systems and IoT sensors with location data of users and customers new opportunities for action occur.


System was designed for workers at the edge of operations to improve efficiency in unsuspecting places and to reduce the process flow involved in decision making.

When people have the right information to do their job their effectiveness multiplies. The Platform uniquely delivers data in context of user location job and workflow step. Data is filtered and delivered through a mobile platform that enables meaningful real-time decision making.


Connecting the dots not creating more dots.

Is an integration-friendly platform that allows organizations to integrate existing systems and adopt new technologies as they become available.

Organizations can create data connections between existing centralized data systems with sensors sitting on the edge. Organizations that are able to connect the dots for their employees on the edge improve the organizations overall situational awareness.


A connected environment creates meaningful action at the edge.

When you arm the employees at the edge the ones doing actual work
with mission-critical information they are able to take the best possible action. Information at the edge of operations creates an optimal environment to achieve real-time situational awareness

From Sensor to Soldier or any other teams

The SA Platform is a lightweight system of hardware and software built to assist in creating a common operational picture. SA connects dismounted users and HQ alike with assets such as air and ground sensors, and network services such as communications.

  • Single interface for multi-vendor radios e.g. Codan, Motorola
  • Wireless Bluetooth interface to radios
  • Collaborative SA, data, chat
  • Server-based capability
  • Supports multiple languages such as English, German and the like

True Situational Awareness

SA Platform connects warfighters law enforcement to sensors information systems and each other while operating at the tactical edge. SA Platform places data location and status at a user’s fingertips to
enhance decision-making and improve operations.

SA Platform allows users to share their situational awareness data with teammates to create a common operational picture.

Real-Time Communications

SA Platform delivers a unified real-time picture of operations to every user in the system from Headquarters to the soldiers themselves.

SA Platform provides an environment for aggregating data from multiple sources unifying communications and visualizing everything in a friendly user experience. Information can flow up and down ensuring the right data is in the right hands in real-time.

Enhance Existing Systems

With roots in Military Special Operations, the Platform was built to work in the toughest conditions with a wide variety of networks.

  • Supports commercial-off-the-shelf EUD devices.
  • SA Application platform are non-root dependent and support Information Assurance (IA) (NIAP CsfC certified) and data-at-rest requirements.
  • Hardware and mounting devices support body-worn, vehicle and dismounted options.
  • Can support tethered or wireless connections with radios and SATCOM.

Command & Control

By leveraging a common operational picture approach SA Platform provides a Command Control and Communication (C3) system that enables coordination from the battlefield to higher headquarters. SA Platform provides all the necessary tools to coordinate an appropriate response on the battlefield or for first responders in the field.

Sensor-to-soldier connectivity through deployed border sites and command centers.

Tasking information is sent from respective command centers to ground patrols via the SA application for the intercept and detainment of designated targets and subjects.

COP capability for deployed ground patrols and commanders with ability to provide a complete theater COP for higher echelon command centers

Platform Provides SA Sensors & Data Communications on an Android-based Tablet.


Working with your data infrastructure not replacing it the Platform adds mapping location communication collaboration and visualization services to deliver the right data into the right hands at the right time—now.


  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Situational Awareness
  • Sensor Integration
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Two Way Communications
  • Dashboard

Fusion and Data Application Suite

  • IoT/M2M and Data Fusion
  • Financial Systems Data
  • Aggregates Data
  • Data Visualization
  • GIS
  • Data Fusion
  • GPS and Geo-Spatial Data
  • Sensor integration
  • Integrated Communications Capability

Application Development

  • Mobile and Server Architecture
    • Cloud Based
      • Azure
      • AWS
    • On Premise
    • Deployable

  • SDK and Rapid Application Development Available

    Example use cases extend to and beyond:

    Campus Security, Law Enforcement, Utility Service Restoration, First Responders, Transportation & Supply Chain Complexity, Venue Safety, Mining and Resources