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Wearable Technology Solutions

Wearable Technology Solutions

At AIAUST we search for the best capabilities and solutions, meeting the needs of today’s demanding military, defence, justice and first responders community, through vendor innovation, conceptual design through to understanding of the requirements of those who require solutions that not only provide extended capability but are fit for use by those who need them when it matters most on our front lines.

We provide a range of wearable technology capabilities from leading vendors and have direct relationships to shorten and enhance the supply chain.



Kagwerks is veteran owned and operated, based in Washington State. Having served in the United States Special Operations Command and private sector with over 20 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, we are uniquely postured to bridge capability gaps that only Operators and veterans fully understand. Given the rapid pace of technology and the ever-changing fight against terrorism, we find it critical that the technology we develop grows and changes commensurate with current operations. As long as the enemy has a vote, their tactics will change and so should the technology we develop, so that our Operators always have the upper hand and never find themselves in a fair fight.

Since the employment of smartphones and other Personal Electronic Devices (PED) in combat operations, the developers at Kagwerks determined there was a need to develop an extremely modular and cost effective, ruggedized smartphone case enclosure that allows the Operator the agility to configure their kit for high threat and low-pro tactical scenarios. We have since branched out into Nav Boards for MFF, tablet cases, and various mounting options. Our continued dedication to duty and serving our military is the cornerstone of our operations at Kägwerks.

EUD Cases and Options

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Case + Options
    • Tablet Quick Mount Kit
    • Screen Protectors
    • Soft Pouch
    • Admin Pouch
  • Samsung Note 8 and Note 9
  • NAV BOARD + Options
    • Suunto SK-8
    • Oceanic SWIV/AquaLung
    • Garmin Foretrex 401